Angela Gwilt



Professional Qualifications

Head of Chambers, Unity Chambers, HK
Barrister-at-Law UK 2002, HK 2002
CEDR Accredited Mediator, 2009
Member of Gray’s Inn, UK
Honorary Legal Advisor of The Hong Kong Psychological Society (2012)
Chartered Chemist, CChem MRSC

Practice Profile

Angela has a comprehensive civil practice which includes equity and trusts, judicial review, land law, landlord and tenant, contractual disputes, company/commercial disputes, construction, personal injury, nuisance and negligence.

Angela is an experienced trial advocate. She has appeared frequently in trials in the High Court and also has an appellate practice in both the Court of Appeal and the Court of Final Appeal.

Apart from trial work, she regularly advises on matters relating to contractual, commercial, nuisance, negligence, personal injury, probate claims, dealing with both liability and quantum.

During recent years’ she has also appeared as an advocate in disciplinary hearings of The Medical Council of Hong Kong.

Selected Cases

    • Bankruptcy
      – Re Cheuk On Ching, HCB 10013/2001, 3 HKC 192
      (locus in opposing bankruptcy petition)

      Osman Mohammed Arab and Another v Ng Shui Ching, Irene and Another, HCA 311 of 2014, 5 December 2017 (Provisional liquidators’ application to set aside transfer of assets)

    • Building Management
      陳松茂訴黃明光及另九人, LDBM 178/2004, [2004-2005] HKCLRT 161
    • Company/Commercial
      Pine Enterprises Ltd v Cyber Strategy Ltd and Another, HCA 1221/2006, 14 March 2008 (shareholders dispute and PRC law) (led by CY Li SC)

      Re Seawihl Limited, HCMP 929/2008, 19 March 2009 (capital reduction)

      International Trademart Co Ltd v Procon Hong Kong Ltd & Another, HCA 1301/2013 (director’s liability, striking out of Statement of Claim)

    • Contract

      Hummingbird Music Ltd v Dino Acconci and Another; HCA 836 of 2007, [2007] 4 HKLRD 79 (interim injunction against singers for breach of contract) (led by Edward Chan SC)

      Ng Tung and Another v Chung Hing Transportation and Godown Co. Ltd., CACV 352 of 2006, [2007] 4 HKLRD 200 (application of option to purchase clause)

    • Defamation

      Yeung Shu Lam Wilson t/a Wilson Yeung & Co v Chan Sui Ting and Another; CACV 391/2004, [2005] 1 HKC 309

      Lam Chuen Lung v Lam Sing Yin, HCA 139/2012, 28 April 2014

    • Employment

      Wong Yin Fong and Others v ISS Hong Kong Services Ltd., HCLA 56/2003, [2005] 2 HKLRD 648 (employer’s right to relocate workers) (led by Neville Sarony SC)

    • Equity and Trusts

      Lee Kin Wai v Lee Kin Chuen & Another , HCA 212/2014, 8 February 2017 (property dispute between brothers, common intention construction trust)

    • Family

      WSM v FSY; CACV 352/2004, [2005] 3 HKC 319 (custody)

    • Land

      Grand Wayfair Investment Co Ltd. v Chan Yung Kan trading as Luk Yau Yau Organic Vegetable & Another, HCA 558/2007, 18 October 2013 (adverse possession)

    • Nuisance

      Hu Wei Hsin v Ma Hung Wing and Others, DCCJ 273/2011, 6 March 2011 (permanent injunction forbidding burning of incenses in multi-storey building)

    • Property

      Wong Wai Yip v Ho Wai Fung, DCMP 2221/2015, 27 January 2017 (vendor purchaser summons)

    • Undue Influence

      Li Sau Ying v Bank of China (Hong Kong) Ltd., FACV 9/2004, [2005] 1 HKLRD 106 (setting aside of mortgage against bank)


Fluent in Cantonese and English